Monday, 22 December 2014

Little Quilts Swap

A few months ago I put my virtual hand up to participate in my first Instagram Swap - eep!

What fun! 

It all started when Ruth kindly sent me the Little Quilts book co-authored by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger 

Then Sarah decided to run a swap on IG and I just couldn't resist.

I received my partner ... she said she liked replica vintage fabrics, bees, embroidery, hexies, blues and yellows ... so I pulled my Art Gallery Dreamin' Vintage (just made for this little quilt!) and got my hexies on!

Then it was time to embroider the little bee ...

I decided to add a touch of gold thread to the abdomen ... 

 When it came time to hand quilt, I decided to use the same gold thread ...

... I'm really pleased I did!  As this is just a decorative piece, I thought I could get away with it.

But the gold rush didn't stop there ... this is the back!

Too much?  I love it, but if my partner doesn't then at least it's on the back!

As you can see I added a bit of gold with the binding too ... but had a little problem when I did ...

... ah ... why is my little quilt resembling a bowl??

A quick shout out to the IG community and it seems a nice hot iron would fix the job - phew!  

I added a label ... took some final pics and decided to keep it myself promptly popped it in the post, with some extras, a few days before deadline.

Then I waited, and waited, freaked out a little that I hadn't heard of it arriving yet.  Waited some more ... then Australia Post finally delivered the little quilt to it's new owner ... and she loved it ... and exhale!!!

Then just yesterday (on a Sunday!) I received my new Little Quilt from my secret partner ...

Isn't she lovely??

Hmm this swap business is pretty fun!  I might join in a bit more in 2015 ... 

Serena xx

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  1. I love the bee quilt! How fun! I always seem to miss the sign ups for the swaps and end up hearing about them when people begin working on them.

  2. You made such a wonderful mini... so much love in it!

  3. Looks great Serena! Love the gold and the bowl shape too!

  4. The bee mini is so cute! I love all the gold details, especially the fuzzy abdomen. So glad your swap partner loved it!

  5. They both look great Serena. I can see there's been a lot of hand sewing gone into yours. I'm so pleased to hear that it made it to the final destination. It would be terrible to do all that work and then lose it in the post.

  6. Both of these little quilts are so gorgeous!! Isn't it amazing how a mini quilt might be small but they are big on being extra special!! Do you ever find out who your partner is or does it remain a secret?

  7. Glad you had fun! Swaps can be slightly addictive ;)

  8. Looks awesome! Can see special time and love went into making your mini quilt, especially with choosing the fabric you know your secret partner likes. Love it!

  9. Both such gorgeous quilts Serena. I'm glad they both eventually made it safely to their destinations!

  10. I would have struggled to give your little bee away if I were you! I love it. Can you make yourself another one? It is so adorable, but then I love the flower you received too.
    I am very impressed by your embroidery.

  11. At least yours finally made it and you received the other one! Maybe Aus Post were considering keeping them?!

    The flower pot you received is cute though I have to laugh at the pot fabric. I have the same one: it's dino foot prints from a dinosaur line!

  12. Love that bee, Girl! She had to 'bee' the Queen!!! I need to find you on IG!!!

  13. Gorgeous mini Serena!! Every little detail,is absolutely perfect!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  14. What a beauty! What a great mini's to swap! Best wishes for 2015

  15. Your mini turned out so perfectly! Love that embroidered bee and the gold was a great choice. Giving this piece away must have been difficult. The flower you received is also very pretty! What a great swap! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Looking forward to 2015!

  16. Your mini is just brilliant! I have had such a love affair with metallics this year and I'm totally loving how you've used them in this. It's just perfect. I hope you had a great Christmas and I can't wait to see what you make in 2015! <3

  17. Oh that is bee-utiful (sorry, couldn't resist)! I love all the little pops of gold and the bright flowers, it's a work of art!

  18. What a gorgeous mini you made for the swap!! I love the hexies and the bee you embroidered!
    Just delightful!



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