Tuesday, 16 December 2014

This Too Shall Pass ...

A dear friend of mine is going through a really shitty (there I said it) patch of bad health.  It's not fun being that ill when you have two little ones, a hubby and a life (no less) to love and enjoy ... 

I was 'put to bed' myself just over a year ago and my friend gave me a little card with this message on it ...

"This Too Shall Pass"

... I decided it was time to return the favour in the only way I know how.

This was my first time making a Dresden Plate and I really enjoyed it ... I hope that some of that joy mojo is felt in the pillow and that it makes my friend smile when she sees it ... especially on those really bad days.

I managed another zip!  Popped it on the bottom as I still haven't quite mastered the hidden zip yet ...

... and popped some of those lovely sunny dots (same as the dots used for the Liberty Pouches) to cheer her up even on a washing day when she has to strip the pillow.

There are a few wrinkles and crinkles in the pillow after I ironed it with steam (will I never learn?!) but other than that I think it was a great first attempt.  It helps when you have a fantastic tutorial to follow though!  The only thing I did differently was to use the circle template as if I was English Paper Piecing.  

I cut my fabric about a 1/4" larger than the template provided then used my glue pen to create the circle.  I then removed the paper template and pressed the seam allowance down.  I then placed the fabric in the middle of the Dresden plate wedge circle and top stitched it down as per the Dresden wedges.

Pillow Stats:
Size: 20" x 20" (with a 22" pillow form in it)
Fabric:  Hanky Linen in Silver for the background and Art Gallery Fabrics "Drift" by Angela Waters for the Wedges
Tutorial/Pattern was found on Sew Mama Sew here
Embroidery Pattern is my own design

If you would like to embroider the same message for a special someone then I've attached the pattern here for you for free.   ... well at least I hope I've attached it correctly!  First time user of Google Drive at work here :)

Serena xx

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  1. Such a thoughtful gift that is sure to bring comfort. Wishing your friend the best.

    And what a beautiful Dresden.

  2. It's beautiful. My mother used to say that to me ; )

  3. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift, Serena. I hope that you friend feels your love and support when she cuddles with the pillow. Sending good vibes your way.

  4. what a lovely, thoughtful things to do! The embroidery is just lovely on that dresden. There's nothing wrong with exposed zips, they can be part of the design!

  5. What a good friend you are! It is pretty but I wish there would be no need to write such message.

  6. Oh Serena, such a warm and caring gift. It is beautiful, Dresden Plates are one of my favourites.

  7. That's lovely Serena. You're very thoughtful, and I'm sure your friend will appreciate the time and effort that you put into hand making her something. It's a very calming sort of cushion / pillow and I'm sure she'll love it.

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  9. Oh Serena! It is beautiful, she will love it and I'm sure will make her feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

  10. Beautiful, meaningful gift!! Next time I am on the computer I will pop over and download... I like the expression and the font; thanks for sharing!!!

  11. I love the softness of it that comes through in the colors and the message. when I hurt my back three years ago I remember my Dr saying it will come right and that stuck in my head and helped a lot. Your message so thoughtfully delivered I'm sure will do the same.

  12. A beautiful thought for your friend. I hope she feels better soon, this lovely piece will help I feel sure.

  13. You had Ross River virus last year? Erk! I hope your friend gets better soon. I am sure she will feel cheerier with this beautiful cushion.
    (The best way to hide zippers is to put the zipper side down on the couch! :) Ta da! Hidden!)

  14. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I'm sure your friend will treasure it.

  15. what a great pillow! Love the dresden and the quote

  16. What a lovely pillow. The saying is perfect and I hope your friend sees better days soon. I recently made my first Dresden plate block and really enjoyed it.

  17. That's what true friends are for - to give love and comfort when things go bad. I'm sure she will love her special cushion.

  18. Lovely! Your friendship is a blessing!



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