Friday, 12 December 2014

Liberty Pouches

An extra pouch never goes astray ... am I right?

I've been sewing up a few as Christmas gifts this year ... teachers, friends, family ... if you know me, then you're probably going to get a pouch!

Out of ALL of them though ... these little Liberty and Hanky Linen ones are my favourite.

They gave me the opportunity to play with metal zips for the first time.  I like the juxtaposition of the metal next to the delicate Liberty.

... but I had some trouble with those metal zips  ...

... no sewing over them, must go around them ...

Thank goodness the guild I attend (Perth Modern Quilt Guild) had a sewing day recently and I managed to seat myself next to a metal zip master - the zipper Gods were kind to me.  So, I'd like to take full credit for these, but I did have quite a few tips thrown my way!

Hanky Linen in Birch (thank you Craftproject) make up the majority of the outer case with a highlight strip of Liberty that I picked up from Luccello in Melbourne on our Winter holiday this year ... Love Melbs in Winter ... I finished them off with a simple running stitch using coordinating DMC threads, in the full 6 strands.  Bit of a bugger to thread on a needle, but I love the chunky look it gave ... again, toughening that Liberty up a bit along with the metal zips.

They are lined with a yellow dot fabric that I had originally picked as a quilt backing, but then changed my mind.  I don't like fabric hanging around not being used or having a purpose, so I was quite happy to pop those sunny little dots inside these pouches - they make me smile and I hope they make the recipients of these pouches smile too ... but if the sunny dots don't do the trick then perhaps the little tidbit of Liberty I've stashed inside will?

Happy Friday everyone :)

Serena xx

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  1. I like the little bit of hand stitching on them, gives it more of an individual look. Metal zips can wreak havoc, can't they?

  2. Nice pouches; lucky friends! I like the look of DMC for a chunky finish next to the Liberty cotton.

  3. what pretty pretty presents :-) Think I will keep avoiding metal zips though!

  4. Beautiful pouches. The touch of the sunny dots on the inside would make me super happy. And yay for the quilting gods sitting you next to the person with advice and skills you could learn from. Perfection!

  5. Those are wonderful. I love to make pouches and I do love giving them away. I have a little aversion to metal zippers, but I do use them if I feel the need! Good job with those!!!

  6. Oooh, I like the juxtaposition of the metal zipper agains the Liberty fabrics too. Lovely! So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  7. Liberty + linen + hand stitching= perfection!!! Love the metal zips too!

  8. These are darling with such sweet touches. What lucky recipients.

  9. Zippity doo dah! These are so lovely!!!

  10. What a lovely combination of fabrics and metal zips. Lucky recipients. They are so pretty.

  11. Mine, mine, mine! Gleeful chortle. I am thinking of something clean to put in it (no dirty, inky pens) and my crochet hooks might have a new home.
    Yes, must go around metal zippers. I tend to come unstuck with chunky zippers. They are unforgiving of sewing machine needles too.

  12. I like the addition of some hand stitches. That adds perfect handmade touch :)

  13. These are cute. I love the polka dots inside. Great gift idea! I think zip pouches will be my end of year teacher gift this year. Last year I made lined drawstring bags.



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