Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WIP - Getting There!

Last week I had a few jobs to tick off the list:

1. Teddy Bears Picnic Party Favours
2. Little Red Riding Hood Cape
3. Give the poor Songbird a Body

Let's see how I did ...

1. First mock up of Picnic Place Mat Roll complete!

I've sussed out the sizes ...

and have settled on a design ... Just 14 more to make ... think I'll set myself up a little production line - that will hopefully churn them out faster. Have you ever sewn with gingham before?  It's making my eyes go a little strange!

2. Little Red Riding Hood Cape complete!

I'm quite chuffed about how this little beauty turned out ... you can read more about it here

3. I'm pleased to announce that the song bird now has a body ... if somewhat dismembered ...

I'll stitch her up for Friday's post ... promise!

All-in-all considering the week I've had (head cold disclaimer) I think I'm chugging along just fine!

Hope your sewing cogs are turning too!  See you at



  1. The songbird is looking fabulous! Love your fabric choices.

    The Little Red cap is adorable!

  2. I can copy Kristy's comment. Exactly what I would say :-)

  3. Can I copy what Vera said, who said what Kristy said because they took the words right out of my mouth :). Have fun with the placemats and I hope you are not cross eyed when you finish!!

  4. The bird is looking great... And so is your little Little Red Riding Hood :)

  5. Your model is doing a great job of showing off that finished cape! Love the songbird too.

  6. Little Red Riding Hood is precious... and the bird is darling. Great stuff.



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