Tuesday, 24 September 2013

An (inside) Teddy Bear's Picnic

We were trumped by the weather for our two year old's birthday celebrations this weekend just gone ... not a lovely Spring ray of sunshine to be seen - just gale force winds and lashings of rain.

Still it didn't stop us from picnic-ing, we moved our Teddy Bear's Picnic indoors.  

Cue clearing of furniture, cue blankets on the floor, cue a garden themed picnic basket for each child.

We had hungry little caterpillars sitting on pretzel twigs, Tomato and blueberry lady bugs, LCM's 'ice-creams', Flower shaped sandwiches with a freckle face and a green jelly** leaf  ... all on a backdrop of baby spinach leaves - Mmmm delicious!

**Cue rant ... damn you politically corrected, natural flavoured and coloured jelly.  You're not green enough!  bring back the green! My hollowed out orange filled with jelly, then cut into quarters was supposed to resemble a leaf on the stem of the flower sandwich (obviously) - how can this be so when you're not green! 

Any-who the kiddies seemed to love it - it's the first time I've seen 15 children eat in COMPLETE silence. Perhaps I should make food a little more interesting from now on - thinking cogs turning ...

As per usual, I only realised after I had given away the majority of the much winged blogged about gingham picnic utensil rolls that I hadn't taken any photos of them all finished - BAH!

I would have preferred to show you a picture of my girls sitting in the spring sun having a lovely picnic on the grass with their new picnic utensil rolls but instead you get these bleakly lit, indoor, stagnate shots.  Trust me, these are so, so, so gorgeous and if you're in the southern hemisphere and coming into picnic season you really must make yourself a set!  I'll pop some more tempting photos up when the sun decides to pop into Perth and say "hello".

Until then, I'll leave you with some ice-cream cake ... enjoy!



  1. Very creative party food - I bet the kids were just thrilled!

  2. Looks like you had a great time planning the theme food and activities!! Great job Mom!!



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