Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Stash - Perth Craft & Quilt Fair 2014

There is always plenty to see at the Perth Craft and Quilt fair ... just not always what I want to see (Art Gallery, Aurifil ... to name but a few)  But I'm not going to harp on about it.  Perth is the most isolated city in the world so I realise that it's expensive for dealers to travel with all their wares to little ol' Perth.

When I had almost given up hope I saw Fifi's Fabricology stall (clouds parting and angels singing) I almost forgot all words in the English language! I pointed dumbly at fabric and paid with that plastic card thingy that my husband lets me have and walked away in shear and utter shock. 

Purchase from Fifi's Fabricology at Perth's Craft and Quilt Fair 2014

I wish I had actually said "hello!"  .. or grovelled to my knees and kissed their feet (embarrassing for both parties).  So I'm going to say it right here and now on my blog "Dear Fifi's Fabricology, Thank you very much for coming all the way to Perth from the Gold Coast!  You are most welcome in our city any time!  Oh and sorry about the weather, I'm not sure what's happening?  It NEVER rains in Perth.  We'll see if we can do better next year - oh, that's if you're coming back next year?" {thinks she should have kissed their feet}.

So, what else did I purchase ... not a lot really!  I did get some lovely new skinny-mini-flower pins ... no more using crowbars for this little quilter!

Did you happen to notice the divine pin cushion they are ... erm ... stabbing?  That little gem was a (very much appreciated) gift from a friend, who purchased it at Liberty.In.London (feeling very spoilt!).  

Soon I'll be able to repay the favour though ... as Liberty.Have.Landed.In.Perth!!!  Aren't we the cosmopolitan city we always thought knew we were?!

Keep your eyes peeled for the big website launch (coming soon to a computer screen near you!).  In the meantime you can follow @the_strawberry_thief on IG to keep track of all things Liberty!

QuiltWest put on a show of quilts.  The Best in Show quilt and creator also made it on the telly!!  It took Melodie Symes 10 years to create this quilt ... no wonder she named it "Perseverance 2". 

Wowser! (Claps loudly in congratulations)

Whilst I admit that the fabrics and colours are not my cup of tea, I can only begin to imagine the work that has gone into this beauty and humbly applaud it's maker.

Now, did someone say tea?  I'm off for a cuppa and a perusal of the Finalists in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Boy oh boy, I'm in for a treat!

Serena x

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  1. It's so hard to find great fabric here too where I live in Italy, so I know the feeling when you suddenly see something you like!!!

  2. Yippee for Fifi coming to Perth and I agree about the quilt not in my colors, but wow, it looks like that took a whole lot of work.

  3. Fifi's Fabricology is such a great name, and nice buy from them!! I always stock up on pins when I'm at our show. I noticed your totally awesome pincushion straight away!! How exciting you're going to have Liberty as a local fabric shop. That quilt in show quilt is amazing!!

  4. I am only new to quilting, so not quite understanding the flair and excitement of all the different fabrics and their designers but I am beginning to notice a slight tingle of excitement and anticipation when I see beautiful fabric and want to buy it!

  5. You are going to love those pins! I know that is an odd comment but when I switched I could not believe the difference!! :) And that quilt! I agree, not my cup of tea but wow the work that went into it! I don't think I could commit to a quilt for 10 years ;) haha

  6. yay for unexpected fabric finds and gorgeous pin cushions!!!

  7. wow - what an amazing quilt. I agree about the colours, but we all have different tastes and can definitely admire the work and perseverance that went into it. And yay for Fifi's fabricology - phew!!

  8. Ok so that didn't work, it was an emotion face (or whatever they are called) blowing a kiss! See you soon x

  9. I sat next to Melody's quilt all day on Thursday and heard a lot of gasps, oh-my-gods and wows for the tiny pieces and years of work. I have a similar (tiny squares) project half-started, and I am not sure if I am inspired to continue or too frightened to do so.
    I was surprised to find that 90% of my craft show spend was with local shops – The Strawberry Thief, Woolly Lattes, and Blackmore & Roy. I love the fabric range you chose.

  10. I loved the Fifi's Fabricology stand at the Melbourne show - so much so, I went back three times!! Wonderful stuff! That's an amazing quilt, and love the Liberty pincushion - so sweet.

  11. I'm in NZ and have discovered their online shop - hello AMH purchases on my visa.



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