Friday, 30 May 2014

Echo Beach - Luxe In Bloom

When I first saw the fabric range Luxe In Bloom, the song "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins popped in my head and stayed in residence until I finished sewing this quilt (or should I call it a blanket? - more on that later).

You know the lyrics right?  Here's a link to the song so you can tap your feet whilst reading the rest of this post.

"On a silent summer evening
The sky's alive with light"

"Building in the distance
Surrealistic sight"

'On Echo Beach 
Waves make the only sound'

'On Echo Beach
There's not a soul around"

I decided on using this plus block tutorial to make the quilt top.  I sashed the blocks with 1" (finished size) strips of Luxe in Bloom and Hanky Linen in birch. 

The echo is reflected in the alternating plus signs of Hanky Linen and Luxe In Bloom.  I must have re-arranged these blocks a zillion times before settling on this layout.  Not sure why I struggled with the layout?  I loved each and every individual block,  but when I put them all together it looked a little "Surrealistic" to me.

To add to the Luxe-ness (sorry) of the quilt I added a Minky blanket backing.  It was a little difficult wrangling with this super stretchy fabric but the result is and I'll definitely be doing it again.

I found this tutorial very helpful when sewing with minky.  I chose this method, as opposed to the traditional method of basting the layers together because I didn't want to bind this quilt.  I wanted the Minky to go right to the edge for extra snuggle factor.  I did investigate binding with the Minky ... but ... have you ever tried it?  I think I vacuumed up half a "mink" experimenting on that.  This stuff falls to pieces.  

There is a lot of fabulous texture happening in the quilt between the silkiness of the Art Gallery Fabrics, the rawness of the Hanky Linen and the super soft Minky back.  

My question to you is ... can I still call this object a quilt if 

- it's top is pieced
- it's not sandwiched in the traditional way and 
- it doesn't have binding?  

Or is there another word for what I have created? ... Blan-quilt? ... Quilt-et?  I suppose if I'm questioning it in the first place then I mustn't think it's a quilt, but I love it all the same!

UPDATE: Here is the link to my Q2 Finish Along List

Quilt Stats
Name:  Echo Beach
Size: 34" x 46"
Materials: Art Gallery Fabrics "Luxe in Bloom" and Hanky Linen "Birch" provided by Craft Project
Backed with Minky.

Serena x

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  1. Wow, the quilt just blends right in with the beach - gorgeous photo shoot! Congratulations on the finish. I have avoided working with minky for the fear of all the shedding, having a cat is enough of a mess for me! :)

  2. Oh man, that looks so soft, I really want to snuggle it! I love how this came together and I would definitely call it a quilt!

  3. My dear, you may call it what you will, and everyone will still fall in love with it!!! fab!

  4. Great colors and fun beach photo shoot!

  5. gorgeous blanket and definitely luxe!!!! Are you going to continue on hand quilting around the pluses or just the one? You are lucky to be in winter so you can snuggle under your luxery soft

  6. I think call it what you like, I'll call it beautiful!! It looks so soft and snuggly with the minkee. Beautiful photos on the beach too!!

  7. It sure looks nice and snugly no matter what you call it. The photos on the beach look great!

  8. looks absolutely gorgeous. And the beach is calling to me!

  9. Of course it's a quilt! And I think it really wants to be friends with my beach quilt! Love this, and the beach where you took your photos.

  10. There was an old curtain and another antique quilt without wadding at the show and they both qualified as quils. Heck, a quilt is a type of blanket. Call it whatever you like! It looks wonderfully snuggly.

  11. Ha, I've heard that song before but never what it was called!

    I need to try minky one day...

    I love how you echoed the blocks with the linen. The linen really does match so nice with those prints!

  12. It is beautiful by any name, just like a rose! I would still call it a quilt!

  13. Oh it looks so cosy!! Call it whatever you like - it's lovely :)

  14. Echo beach...Far away any time... I know what song will be stuck in my head tonight ;) Looks fabulous! x

  15. What a wonderful design, I love the contrast between the fabrics and the linen. I don't know whether it is a "quilt" or not, but I don't care it is wonderful!

  16. Oh, so cuddly! Love the pictures on the beach! Your quilt turned out really well, congrats!



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