Sunday, 18 May 2014

Drifting Away - Sunday Stash

I received these fat quarters from Craft Project a little while ago now ... I already had the package ripped open before I walked back through my front door.  Yes I was a tad excited!

I wasn't disappointed ... out flowed these beautiful, light, soft fabrics with such whisper quiet colours. 

Drift in Houses colour-way by Angela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics

I'm talking about Art Gallery fabrics of course ... Angela Walters anyone?  Drift!!! (Houses colour-way) ... Yes, I'm still excited!

From left to right: Serenity Entwined Pearl and Gemmed Pathways Terra

From left to right: Island Droplets Peach, Feathered Coral Light and Way to Zen Tan

From left to right:  Island Droplets Sand, Blooming Algae Gold and Sea Foam Green

From left to right: Latticework Turquoise and Aquatic Lace Bronze

So why so long to post about such beauties?  Well here's the thing.  Before checking said letter box, I had given my 2.5 year old a piece of chocolate.  As I, and the very elegant package of fabric in my hands, entered the house, she ran towards me with sticky, icky, chocolate fingers!! Cue jaws music ... der-nant, der-nant, ahhhhhh!

Thankfully the fabric was saved ... my white linen trousers however ...

So this little bundle has been put high up on the shelf! I have plans for it before the dust settles though - I hope you like it!

Serena x

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  1. Lovely - looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  2. Ooh, this stack is lovely! I haven't seen much of this collection, so it was fun to drool over your photos!

    And I totally get the toddler/messy hands thing. My youngest had peanut butter on his hands and attacked a quilt that I was binding. It came out, thank goodness, but there was a huge panic moment! :)

  3. Lovely fabrics; they play very well together. I am looking forward to what you create with them!

  4. What a great bundle. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  5. I love these fabrics, but I've never gotten around to buy any :( AGF are so yummy to touch. I dream of making an AG only fabric quilt one day (and probably with Bamboo batting to make it all slinky).

  6. Oh whatpretty fabrics, sort of shells on the beach and driftwoody colours. Might have to go shopping. Damn!!

  7. Lol, it got the chocolate sticky hands of approval!! Lovely fabrics, I bet your having fun deciding what to make with them.

  8. I love this range - how gorgeous!! So glad you rescued it from sticky fingers, but your trousers.....oho!

  9. Swinging by again to test my fancy blogger profile I caved into and set up lol

  10. Art Gallery fabrics have such a great feel to them, don't they? Little people help me open my fabric packages sometimes, but we wash their hands first!

  11. oh my! I'm just laughing! My grands love to help me sew and I'm always making them wash their hands. I need to post my middle grandson right away, holding up a block that he "made all by himself". It may not be chocolate, but boys and dirt are just magnetic, right?



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