Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quilter or Topper?

A question was posed to me about mid last year (yes, I hang on to things) ... the question, from a fellow quilting class member, was: "Are you a Quilter or a Topper?" 

... Umm ... The stupid look on my face prompted the questioner to explain what she meant.  "A Quilter pieces the top, bastes the quilt sandwich, then quilts it" ... Ok, got that ... "A Topper just enjoys the piecing/patchwork and predominately sends the quilt to a long-armer".  She then followed up saying that she's a "Topper".  She really enjoys the patchwork and is she good at it! 

This simple question has been mulling around in my head for a while.  I do absolutely love the patchwork side of things and get such a kick out of having points match just so, but when I see all the wonderful quilting out there I get a certain glint in my eye ... my husband doesn't like this glint ... it usually means it's going to cost him a lot of money!

My birthday and Christmas are quite close together so I asked for a joint present which I normally kick up a major stink about - but it would be different this time - because Janome was having a major sale and I was in the need of a major machine.

I'd like you all to meet my new Janome Memory Craft 8200 QC! 

Hmm might need a bigger sewing table!

Up until last week, he's been sitting, unopened, in his box ... I was too scared to use him. Finally hubby threatened to return him, so I had a strong cup of tea (*ahem*) and

Sheesh!  What took me so long? - This machine is fantastic, I love it, I hope it loves me in return and we live happily ever after together (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of Frozen with my girls).

The first thing I did was drop the feed dogs, add the closed toe darning foot and let rip!  This is what I got ...

Really short stitches, ok, going too slow ... then really long stitches, ok, going too fast ... then fairly even stitches, better but still need to practise heaps!

I've found that my hands like to go round and round, loop to loop rather than meandering so that's what I did mostly.  I'll just go with the muscle flow until I have some nice even stitches then I'll stretch myself from there.

Had a go at writing my name

Ultimately I'd like to get to a stage where I'm confident to quilt this flimsy.

Jammy's Jumbo's Quilt Flimsy

I've sketched out a plan of how I would like to quilt it ... do you do that or does it just come to you as you go?  

I feel I need to plan it at this early stage of my FMQ journey.

So there you have it ... I've decided that I'm going to be a "Quilter" ... wish me luck!

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  1. Good on you! Can't wait to see your journey through this transition to 'quilter'

  2. Well done! I like to plan my quilts, even just a little bit, because it helps me to know "where" I'm going in order to move the stitches in the areas I want to do next. Keeps it smooth. Welcome to the linky party. You're doing a great job! :-)

  3. Congrats on the new machine! I think quilting is the best part so I'm definitely a quilter!

  4. Serena congratulations on your new machine -- I have an older version of the Janome Horizon (7700) and I just love it. I'd say your stitching looks fantastic for just out of the box. If you get a chance be sure to visit Leah Day's website for many, many tips on getting started FMQ. She also uses a Janome and shares a wealth of information her readers. I try to plan my quilting but I find it may not always work out as I expect. Best of luck on that top -- and welcome to being a "Quilter". Karen

  5. I'm a quilter too! I can't imagine turning my quilts over to someone else...even though longarmers do amazing work. I just want that control for myself.

  6. Am I still a quilter if I don't quilt? I love the patchwork and peicing side, and I put off the quilting, because it's less fun, more work and much more scary. BUT I haven't sent any quilts to be long armed... My tops just sit in a pile and stare at me begging to be finished one day :-). Yay for a new machine and for being brave enough to open the box. Your quilting plan looks perfect, so go forth! Be one with the quilt :-D
    E xx

  7. I'm a quilter, although I wish there was someone who'd do the basting for me. Your first attempts at FMQ look awesome, I can't believe you wrote your name, I haven't tried writing anything yet. Meandering didn't come naturally to me at first, my arms wanted to go back and forth. One thing to consider in your plan is your stops and starts, which require a little more forethought with FMQ. xx

  8. looks pretty awesome for a little practice! your quilting plan is beautiful; can't wait to see it come to life!!!

  9. oh wow - how exciting. The journey of FMQ begins :-)

  10. Now that's a sewing machine!!! And look at you go! You wrote your name, that is so cool! I think of myself as a busy quilter, I like to quilt my own but because I'm busy I take some to a long arm quilter. :)

  11. Have fun with your new machine - it already looks like you're getting on famously!

  12. That's a great start on your fmq! I am like you... I have a fear to fmq.
    Love your new sewing machine! I can't wait to see your journey ...

  13. Love your new machine and your handwriting FMQ is cool! I think in my heart I'm a topper but in reality a quilter! I can't afford long armers and I too like the control thing and want to do it all myself!

  14. Very cool writing your name!

  15. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog...Yay for a Janome lover!!!! My Grandpa has been a Janome dealer for 35 plus yrs an I sell Elna at our Sew & Vac shop:) Elna n Janome are the same company:):) They are wonderful machines and you made an excellent choice!! Have fun with FMQ and don't be scared of it..its very addicting!!

  16. I did not know what you had for a machine until now. But I must say I LOVE Janome and you were wise to have your birthday and Christmas combined to get this big beauty. Does he have a name yet? Hope you two are still madly in love!!!



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