Wednesday, 12 February 2014


There is still plenty of 'Farming" happening around these parts.  Three more little masterpieces (even if I do say so myself).  

I call them "masterpieces" because I get such a great sense of achievement from finishing each little 6" block.  Perhaps it's because I'm hand piecing them and I get to spend a little more time with each block, quietly sewing away ... peaceful ... apart from when I'm working with these black and white stripes - pow!

Farmer's Wife Block 108 "Windmill"

Nor is it peaceful working with this orange - double pow!

Farmer's Wife Block 15 "Buzzard's Roost"

After all that action I decided it was time to give my eyes a little rest ..

Farmer's Wife Block 4 "Basket Weave"

Ah yes ... feeling much calmer now ... and that's 3 more to add to the Progress Chart.

Hope you are all having a productive week?  I'm playing with a new toy ... or rather, reading A LOT of an instruction manual at the moment, but it will be!


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  1. Great farming! You put the pow in plow! ;)

  2. These are such cute blocks. I love the fussy cut flower in the second one. Great job hand sewing.

  3. They are beautiful! I'm going to continue to be impressed by your patience and skill :)

  4. It does take me a minute to catch on. Farming from Farmer's Wife blocks... But I got it! Your hand stitching is incredible. Those blocks are each so perfectly pieced! Love the stripes! And the Buzzard's Roost fussy flower center is gorgeous! The basket weave is such a soothing yellow and grey. This is going to be one sweet quilt!

  5. Go for it, great Farmers Wife blocks so far :)

  6. It looks great so far. Really like your color choices.

  7. Love the orange one! I saw this book in our local bookshop last week and straight away thought of you hand sewing everyone of them - it's going to be a fabulous quilt!

  8. Your blocks look lovely, and hand pieced too...I'm impressed! Linda NZ

  9. Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the black and white stripes against the yellow in the windmill block!

  10. 3 wonderful blocks!! Those stripes really do pack a punch!! Great fussy cutting in your orange block. I love yellow and grey together. How exciting about your new toy!!

  11. Colour combinations are awesome, love them great job!

  12. Your blocks look great! It is very tempting to start in on a Farmer's Wife when I see pretty ones in progress

  13. Looking good! 6" is tiny:) Love your fussy cut block!



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