Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pillowcase Drive

*Caution this post may contain pirate phrases*

Ahoy me Hearties! (Hello friends)

Blimey! (Exhortation of surprise) ... I've just sewn something that's not pink!

These were made with lovely fabrics from Sarah Jane's 'Out to Sea' range,  I was lucky enough to hornswaggle (obtained for a steal) a few FQ's recently during the #greataussiedetash on Instagram and could.not.wait to turn them into the pillowcases that they are now!

Sarah Jane "Out To Sea"

Secret loot (treasure) can be hidden in the pockets on the front left hand side of the pillowcase.

 I purchased some pirate shaped bath mitts from Spotlight after failing miserably at making a simple pirate 'softie'.  Long story, but let's just say I suck at drawing faces.

Pirate Bath Mitts - Spotlight purchase
These Pirate Pillowcases have been made for the 2014 Handmade Cooperative 'Oncology Kids' Pillowcase Drive.

Click here to find out all the details

Make them, send them, put a smile on a little lad or lass's boat (face ... boat-race-face ... cockney slang ...savvy?).

These pillowcases are my first finish for Q1 - 2014 Finish Along and I'm feeling topgallant! (very good).

Link to original Finish Along List

Time to go and ship this loot!

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  1. Super cute pillowcases! Love the little pockets :)

  2. these are the cutest pillowcases and will make some little boys very happy :-)

  3. i had to look twice to make sure it was you when i saw boy stuff! these cases turned out so cute and you found the perfect pirate accessory Matey!!

  4. Fabulous job on those two cute pillowcases! Love that they have pockets. Really enjoyed reading your post. Too funny!

  5. What a wonderful idea to put pockets in the pillowcases! I love Sarah Jane fabric--great choice!

  6. Wonderful thought giving gifts! They are just so sweet :)

  7. They are gorgeous, I love them! No walking the plank for you - straight to the Captain's table!

  8. Awesome pillowcases and a fabulous idea to add the pocket with the pirate bath mitts!!! Each year I make pillowcases for Pillowcases for Oncology Kids, but none as cute as yours.



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