Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Na-Na-Na-Na-Na ....


I've been having a little fun with a project after taking myself a little too seriously.  Do you ever do that?

I was stressing over a WIP that I started in ... July 2013 ... it was hanging over my head.  The project was a black and white Houndstooth quilt.  One day someone said, quite innocently, that the pattern reminded them of bats.

Now I can't un-see it.  So I decided to embrace the bat!

Time to drop my shoulders and have some fun ...

Original collage source can be found here
See that batman quilt in the middle of the collage above?  That's my quilt!  It wasn't in the original collage ... I just had a bit of fun imagining the type of little boy's nursery room this quilt could live in ... I (badly) overlayed my quilt in the pic (#cheeky).

You see, this little guy is headed off to a children's charity.  I won't ever get to see it in it's new surroundings so I'm having a little play here.

One more?  OK, if I must ...

Orginal collage source can be found here

All in the name of fun ... that's what this is all about right?  Sewing, creating, fun!

I think I like it best in the monochrome collage above ...

Monochrome nurseries are coming back in ... and this little exercise has flooded my brain with black & white nursery quilt ideas ...

 ... and to think that this little project had me so stuck for so long!

I think I'll go easier on myself next time ... you know, when things don't work out as planned.



  1. Oh, it's fantastic! I'm so pleased you've finished it!! *waves pompoms*

  2. I love it snuck in to the collages! It turned out great, I love the modern flair and monochromatic vibe. I hope it does really well for charity and is well loved in its new home.

  3. This is brilliant! It was obviously a great idea that merely needed some time to develop.
    Kapow! You totally nailed it!

  4. Great collages - love what you did with Batman. Now you have me singing that theme tune!

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  6. it's fantastic,batman pattern is beauthiful You totally nailed it
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