Wednesday, 15 July 2015

WIP and Stash Additions

My sewing room has been very bright lately ... rainbow this, rainbow that, lots of colour on colour.

It's time to turn the volume down a little and have myself a disco nap.

My attention span is waning ... and I just don't have the will to sew the same block over and over again.

So I'm shifting gears for a little while ... taking the scenic route instead of the main highway.

My Ginger Crush BOM quilt from Treehouse Textiles will be the perfect company.  Lovely lashings of low volume and pastel shades ... with just enough pop of colour to make sure I don't fall asleep at the wheel.

This block of the month quilt has a lovely blend of machine and hand piecing

The Block of the Month instalments have been arriving on my doorstep for 12 months now and I haven't managed a stitch ... until now.

Block 5 "My Pinwheel Fantasy"

I'm enjoying this new pace and it really shows in my most recent fabric purchases.

Low volume goodness from Art Gallery Fabrics ... Maker anyone?

 ... and a bundle of soft greys and silver blues from a LQS.

Yes, I'm feeling calmer already ...



  1. That BOM looks great, I love those LV prints, especially the Maker ones.

  2. I really love the LV prints you have selected. I really struggle picking out LV fabrics and might just have to go searching for some of these! I hope you get to really enjoy this project. :)

  3. Lovely fabric choices!!!! That bee print is one of my all time favorites ever. :D

  4. I have been sewing some very quiet blocks over here too, preparing for my turn as queen in Stash Bee. It is calming. And then it is back to COLOUR for Jane's border.
    I popped over to Treehouse Textiles and admired the BOM. What a fun project that will be to make.

  5. I really like the block and the pop of colour is plenty to keep the eye interested - lovely calming fabrics. Nice to change things up!

  6. such a beautiful BOM, and I agree about sewing the same block over and over - variety is the spice of life :-) Enjoy your disco break!

  7. I love how scrappy and subdued that BOM is with all of your lovely low volume selections. It looks like you might need to try some of the Aurifil in Dove that Molli Sparkles is talking up this week, it seems as calming and demure as your fabric choices too. Will you be incorporating those new additions into your BOM project?

  8. Your low volume fabrics are beautifully subdued, but in a very good way!!

  9. Those are some wonderful low volume additions to your stash!

  10. Oh my... I'm crushing on those low volumes. So tempting!

  11. Amazing choices. The BOM is so unique with the quietness of the LV, but it really pops at the same time. I'm glad you waited, sometimes a project just isn't ready to start until it tells you so.



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