Monday, 13 July 2015

Anna Maria Horner Mini Quilt Swap

It's me again ... with another mini ... that I wish I was keeping ... but I'm not.

This time it was for the Anna Maria Horner Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram.

I was't sure at first of the direction I wanted to take with this one.  I knew I was moving house and my sewing machine would be going into storage, so I needed something that I could mostly hand piece.

So I started here ...

Then it slowly grew ...

Even though my partner preferred muted tones, I thought it needed more colour so I did this ...

Then I added some spiral quilting using a 12wt, variegated rainbow Aurifil thread #3817.

This is my first time spiral quilting

This has to be my favourite Aurfil thread ... apart from the one I named.

Before I knew it I ended up with a 12-sided object, resembling a do-decagon!

It's 24 inches 'round' and I think it would make a beautiful table topper, if not a mini on the wall.

Good thing really, as my partner is a florist and I bet she has the perfect crystal vase and a bunch of deep red roses that would accompany this mini beautifully.

Here's a little something extra I added in the parcel ...

I used Aurifil #6728 (50wt) in the bobbin for the spiral quilting on the back of the mini

It's a charm square fabric tray ... you can find the tutorial here ... be warned, they're addictive :)

So the mini and extras are on their way to their new home and I'm impatiently patiently awaiting the arrival of my mini.  I wonder what it will look like?



  1. All the bold floral prints are certainly spot on for a florist.
    I bet no one else in the swap is lucky enough to get a dodecagon quilt!

  2. The touch of rainbow around the edge you gave it is lovely, and I hope your partner loves it. I certainly enjoyed seeing it progress on IG. And you named Jedi?!? Awesome!!! :) Auriful is such a fun company to connect with the community so much.

  3. Wow! a fab mini. Your swap partner is so lucky.

  4. I love the add of colour and the shape is very cool - reminds me of supergirl the movie - her power came froma dodecahedron!

  5. Wow - that is one gorgeous mini! You have a great eye for putting fabrics together :)

  6. I'm not usually one for flowers, but your mini is gorgeous! Can you add a link back to TGIFF! so your readers can find us too?



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