Sunday, 27 April 2014

Such a Gem - Sunday Stash

Hubby was recently on a business trip to Sydney and let slip that he might have a few hours free one afternoon.  I immediately emailed Ms Sparkles to find out where I should send Hubby for a well deserved drink  shopping for fabric in the big smoke. 

Now hubby can backpack his way through the Colombian Jungle, solve the Rubix Cube in a nano second and IPL a Mainframe (whaa?)  but put him in a warehouse of fabric and I think his head would explode!

Molli Sparkles to the rescue!

It was a military operation. Objective. Find jewelled toned, AMH preferred, fabrics for up-and-coming Gypsy Wife Quilt ... yeh, I'm jumping on that horse drawn, glittery, crystal ball reading wagon.

"Thank goodness for Molli Sparkles!" ... my husband's words ... "He's a real gem!"

That he is my dear ... a glittery ... sparkly gem!  

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  1. That last photo is fabulous, great fabrics!

  2. And you even got your photos to sparkle! How freaking awesome is that! LOL! It was a pleasure, happy to do so anytime!

  3. OOh Love the giant butterflies!!

  4. Pretty! If you want, I can send some AMH scraps your way from my triangle quilt? I don't really have a use for them at weird small triangle size but some of the Gypsy Wife pieces are teeny so they might be useful for cutting the bitty pieces :)

  5. YUM. So much deliciousness! I'm also using AMH for my GW quilt, and I LOVE the resultant blocks. I've seen a few other folks using her fabrics too, and they are all so different and so delicious. I really feel AMH fabrics are perfect for the pattern. Can't wait to see yours! :)

  6. Gypsy Wife+ AMH = perfection! Pretty photos Serena!!!!

  7. Oooooh an AMH gypsy wife? Really, really excited to see this grow!

  8. Didn't he (they!) do well?! Love that the fairies came to visit for the photos!



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