Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Finish Along 2014 - Q2 List

I have a busy Q2 planned.  I'm idea rich but like most quilters I'm time poor so lets see how I do!

1.  Houndstooth - Hanging my head in shame.  This is a roll-over from Q1.  I'm in repetitive block hell, but this quilt will be when it's done!

V&Co Houndstooth Pattern - Work in Progress

2.Triangle Quilt Along - I'm joining in with the Sassy Quilter and learning all about triangle quilts.  So far it's been fun and I hope to have a lovely little dolls quilt at the end of it.  I'm doing a bit of two birds - one stone here and linking this post up to the triangle along QAL as I've sewn the first 1&1/2 rows!

3.  I hope to rectify the disastrous SLQ of my old machine with my new whiz.bang.machine and have this pixel heart quilted, bound and given to it's intended owner soon!  This Posy fabric needs to be cuddled and adored.

4. A Frog quilt for my Miss 2.5.  I've finished one block (winning!) ...

and have a rough sketch ...

Quilt to feature a Quiet Play Paper Pieced pattern

5. Turn this loveliness, that is Art Gallery Luxe in Bloom, into a plus quilt using these instructions from Rachel at The Wooden Spoon 

6. Sew up a Geranium top for each of my girls.  I've cut the fabric, they just need sewing (I know, I should pull my finger out already!)

How cool are those deck chairs!

7.  Complete a simple baby quilt.  I like the backing label of this quilt by Little Bluebell  and thought that the back would look nice as a front!

This picture is a quilt backing by Little Bluebell - I absolutely adore it!

I've chosen (and almost bare-faced copied) the fabric (why try and improve what is already perfect?).

8. Participate in the PMQG Mini Quilt Challenge.  This means making a mini quilt preferrably 25.5" x 15.75" so that the mini quilt can be donated to the King Edward Memorial Hospital Humidicrib Quilt Charity.  No fabric chosen yet but I've created an inspiration board on Pinterest and hope to make a mini quilt with a stitch sketching appliqué theme.

9. Finally, Hubby has requested a Pliers Wrap ... a wha??!   Yep, that's what I thought too!  Something along the lines of THIS I'm guessing??? I have the perfect fabric for my English Hubby.  It's a drill cotton so has a bit of weight to it ... though I'm not sure it will stay white for long!

So that's it ... gulp ... wish me luck!


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  1. Go, Serena, go! That is an ambitious list but it will give you some direction and it will be fun to cross things off as they are completed. :)

  2. I can't see houndstooth without thinking of DJs lol!

    I love your triangle rows and how scrappy you're making it. I really want to make an actual scrappy quilt one day...

  3. Yeah, I've been wondering what's been going on with that houndstooth quilt. Here it emerges again! Keep it going, sister! What would happen if you reversed one houndstooth to white on black? ;-)

  4. I want to make that houndstooth quilt too. I have the pattern, now I shoud just start and add it to the ever growing list. Woohoo! You sew girl!!

  5. That's quite a list you've got there!! Love the stripey frog block!!!

  6. Love your houndstooth quilt! Reminds me to get mine out and work on it again.

  7. Oh wow, so many Project. Love your Houndstooth top. this will be gorgeous!

  8. I enjoyed looking at all your projects, I particularly like the Houndstooth, can't wait to see it done.

  9. Your list is impressive! The houndstooth will be so worth it indeed!! That frog block - adorable!!

  10. great list. The frog quilt looks fun! And the houndstooth impressive but maybe not so fun to make!

  11. That's a lot of projects, but I think it's awesome that you're willing to tackle them all. I'm really looking forward to seeing how your frog quilt turns out.

  12. Good luck with your projects! I'm yet to make my list and I guess it won't be any shorter than yours :-)

  13. Good luck. I decided to cut back so I can actually accomplish something. I hope you can do this cuz you have some great projects!

  14. That is a fabulous pile of sewing. I think the houndstooth will be just stunning.
    E xx

  15. Wow! Love everything on your list! Can not wait to see you plus quilt, gorgeous fabrics!
    And i love the little beach chair print for the geranium top! So cute!
    Good luck with all on your list this quarter!

  16. I love the idea of your frog quilt. It's going to be brilliant!



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