Wednesday, 5 March 2014

WIP - Avoiding Quilting

So I have two flimsies finished and awaiting some quilting ..

Jammy's Jumbos - Using Touches of Tilda Fabric

Terra Australis and Hanky Linen Quilt (Those that follow me on IG (@sewgiving) will note that I finally got a pic without the photo bomber!

But whilst I procrastinate on those, I'm working on this little pattern of Kristy's that will eventually turn into a library bag for a little chap that luuuurves diggers!

What are you procrastin-making?

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  1. What a beautiful stained glass effect from the window...I'd be tempted to skip the quilting and make curtains instead! :)

  2. I love the look of the light shining through your quilt. I'm surprised youre procrastinating seeing as you have your new sewing machine to quilt with. But still it's nice to have a break from a quilt once you've made the top.

  3. Lovely quilt tops! I am also avoiding quilting my tops, and it is really annoying...

  4. Those are gorgeous held up against the light! They deserve to be quilted up and find a cozy place to roost.

  5. those are two beautiful quilt tops :-) I always worry about ruining mine when I start quilting them.. but I think they turn out just as good in the end!

  6. Beautiful ! love both design and color choices. Can't wait to see how you decide to finish the quilts.

  7. Gorgeous - I really like that creamy dotted fabric in the first one and all the pinks in the second.



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