Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Stash - Hanky What?

Along with the Terra Australis I received last week from Charles Parsons - Craft Project was some Hanky Linen .. Hanky Whaaat? ... Hanky Linen.  

Feeling like a complete fabric philistine, I hit google for a look-see ...

Colours: Fire, Birch and Pink

It's a lightweight fabric consisting of 55% Linen and 45% cotton and is 137cm wide.  I've seen peeps use it for dressmaking, embroidery and soft furnishings.

Soft texture

There are co-ordinating colours for Terra Australis too ... 

Colours Denim, Peacock, Raspberry

So I'm thinking of adding it to this pile of loveliness (that still needs ironing, trimming and sewing together).  I haven't worked with any kind of linen in my quilting projects yet, so this will be a great test.

One quilt coming right up - pardon the threads!

In the meantime, and to experiment with how it sews, I whipped up these two little cuties for my girls ... Meet Mr. and Mrs. Ted.

I've wanted to make a Mr Ted for a while now (pattern found here by Craft Schmaft) and the Hanky Linen worked beautifully.

Mrs. Ted in Hanky Linen Pink

I didn't have any felt on hand so I used some cotton fabric and Sew-able Heat Bond (from Spotlight) to first fuse the face details, then I hand stitched them in place.

Mr. Ted in Hanky Linen Birch

Coordinating button belly buttons were a.must.have ... belly buttons are a big deal in our house at the moment!

Miss almost 4 facilitating the "Squeeeeeeze Test"

I have plans for the "Fire" red colour of the Hanky Linen ... I think it would look fab in the Molly Jacket pattern :)  What do you think?

So that's my Sunday Stash ... I'll let you know how I get on with the Hanky Linen in my Terra Australis quilt to be!

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  1. very very cute, and obviously a delighted daughter :-)

  2. Those are some very cute bears! I've never heard of hanky linen, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the look of linen and have wondered what the hanky linen is like in comparison. My hose teddies are so cute!!! And your quilt is going to be fabulous!! Did you win the fabrics in a competition?

  4. I've never heard of hanky linen either! Those teddies are rather cute!

  5. pretty blocks and darling bear!!! Loooks like your daughter agrees :)

  6. I love seeing people work with linen, such lovely texture!

  7. ooohh... where did you get the linen from?!!!! btw, Patches the Horse is promo-ing your tgiff post - I was at a loss and it seemed as suitable as any other random youtube video!

  8. Mr. & Mrs. Ted are so adorable! It looks like someone approves. I think the linen especially the color ones will work well withTerra Australis! Gorgeous colors too! Thanks for visiting my blog today! Glad to hear that the tips were helpful!

  9. Oh they're gorgeous, I love your Teds. And that linen is to die for, so perfect with Terra Australis. Thanks so much for sharing!



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