Friday, 24 January 2014

The Confession and a Dear Deer

I suspect I'm causing quite a stir over at Mila+Cuatro ... Sarah asked if I'd like to contribute to her fabulous Scrap 101 challenge.  My answer was "yes" of course - but I think my post might have given her a bit of a fright!

I hope that you'll come back and forgive me for my sins by entering in this give-away ...

It's a scrap bag from the makings of this quilt ...

Hopefully you'll all support me in being more 'Scrap-ful' in future!

You can enter by just giving me a good "telling to" in the comments and the winner will be chosen randomly (by that thing-a-ma-jig that I haven't quite figured out yet).

In other news - ahem - how about the weather?

I've finally found a bit of time to make this sweet little deer ... Yes there is a deer in there amongst all that pink!

Yes it's a night shot :(  I just couldn't seem to find the time to sew, photograph AND shop the Australian destash all within daylight hours - must work on my super-human skills :)
Kristy from Quiet Play has been hard at work again creating some absolutely gorgeous FPP patterns of woodland creatures - you can find the pattern in her craftsy store.  Whilst you're there check out her new Aussie animals range too!

This little pink deer is destined to become my eldest's Kindy pillow ... yup she's starting "big school" at the ripe old age of 3&3/4's (the 3/4's count!).  She'll turn 4 this year and the Aussie government have made 4 year old Kindy compulsory here in Western Australia (not sure about the rest of Oz?).  So off to school she goes (weep).

We were going to do another Unicorn pillow like this one that I made last year,

... but when she saw the little deer she changed her mind quick as a flash - as all 3&3/4 year olds do!

Serena x

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  1. I haven't seen the unicorn pillow finished, only the block, it looks so cool! The deer is going to make a great pillow too. I'd love to have your castoff scraps sent my way!

  2. i like the unicorn but i love the deer!!! your castle quilt is so cute too!!! you do have a house full of pink!

  3. I think your projects are adorable! That floral under the deer looks like a piece I have in my scrap bin...for years...waiting for a place to be pieced in! Love your fabric choices!

  4. Love the confession - and I am with you. I don't keep all my scraps - only the large ones!

  5. It's a gorgeous castle quilt! I can see the pink love is strong in your house! ;) The deer turned out so cute!

    Our little ones must be similar in age. My Little Miss is alllmost 3 and 3/4s ;) She starts preschool this year too - though not compulsory in NSW I don't think?

  6. Hello Serene! Great confession! You've been brave! I used to throw mine too. At the beginning I never knew what to do with them and now they are slowly eating up storage space in my sewing room. This year I'm on a fabric diet and seriously commited to using them up as much as I can. But no one said anything about not getting more for free right? ;) lovely blocks! I love Kristys patterns!

  7. Great quilt - and I love your deer!
    I love scraps and someone else's are always far more fun!!

  8. Both the unicorn and deer are so great! My son just turned 4 and is now in the "but I changed my mind!" stage. You throw away your scraps?! You can do that?! haha...I have a friend that throws away scraps, it is just a different mentality I guess.

  9. What!!! I have a couple of friends that "used" to throw their scraps away too. Now they save them for me! Isn't that nice? So if you throw your's away maybe you can find someone who would like them.

  10. That deer is the cutest!! I treasure my scraps but I've got two big boxes full , they would make you faint, so best not include me in the giveaway, but still you should make at least one scrap quilt, the feeling of making something out of nothing is really fun.

  11. Hello Serena,

    The little dear is unbelievably sweet, especially as you have put it in a meadow full of flowers.

    You know it is extremely naughty to throw away scraps. You never know when they will come in handy. If you nip over to my blog you will see that I have posted a picture today of a scrappy quilt which includes the last piece I had left of an offcut I bought in about 1980. Consider yourself well and truly told off.

    Love from England,

  12. Now listen here, young lady *puts hands on hips and looks stern* Just what did you think you were doing! Throwing out scraps? I've never heard the like of it! *tuts* *shakes head in despair* Still *softens slightly* at least you've seen the errors of your ways and I'm sure you'll be more frugal in the future, won't you? *looks meaningfully and waits for the appropriate response*

    Is that the sort of telling off you had in mind?!! I loved your post and your diary cover - those little scraps really did turn out to be gems in the making!

  13. good save using the scrap triangles - I don't use my scraps either, but I save them and give them to a friend who makes dynamite charity quilts with them, so we both win - no scrap bins here, she has fun and the recipients of the quilts also get to enjoy.
    Susan in MD

  14. I loved that castle quilt!!! and that deer is killing me it is so cute!!! Those are some good scraps I bet:)

  15. First...that castle quilt is so magical. Each time I see it I love it more. Now, do now hit yourself for dumping scraps. I did it was years UNTIL I discovered making little dolly quilts and then larger ones for people in wheelchairs. They are made from different sized rectangles where you make a sandwich of backing,batting, fabric, and then the collection of rectangles on top. I just stitch around them and let them ravel and they turn out so cute. After that I started keeping all my triangle and rectangle scraps. SO...I would love to have yours to add to my collection. It would be much more fun to have new ones so please put my name in the pot. Got my fingers crossed. genie... ps...Your Bambi turn absolutely adorable. My husband want me to make one.

  16. I love the castle quilt - perfect for any little princess. Do it in grey add a knight highlight and it would be perfect for a prince.

  17. I love the use of all the scraps. I think that castle quilt is beautiful and the pretty paper piecing!

  18. Your deer is adorable. I would love to be the recipient of your castle scraps!

  19. Owwww, the deer and unicorn are just adorable!
    You now, paper piecing works very well for busting scraps too! ;-)

  20. Love the dear and the unicorn. The weather has been crazy! It is great to be back in WA though :) Enjoy your girls while they are young and you can still call them "your girls", mine are now 23 and 21 and hate being called "the girls"! Love them heaps!!



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