Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Stash - Calorie (or Fabric-ie) Control

There's lots of talk around the blogger-sphere about fabric fasting. I can understand how you get to that stage of needing to fast. A little fat quarter here and fat eighth there, then the festive season comes and before you know it you're devouring whole fat quarter bundles in the sales.  As a result you've loaded on the yardage - yup it happens to the best of us.

Purchased "It's a Hoot" by 'M.M' for Moda - from local quilting shop Patchwork at Homespun

I'm not good at diets or fasting. I think it stems from my disposition of being told what to do - yes I'm half Dutch - the stubborn half.

Purchased from Spotlight - Shott cotton in silver grey.  Hard to capture how beautifully the light bounces off this shimmery fabric

I prefer a more balanced diet so that I can consume a little of everything and not have to worry about the inches.  A little bit of designer mixed with a little bit of Spotlight and just enough to do the job.

Luxury combined with Budget ... finally some grown-up cloth napkins for my home

Don't get me wrong ... I'm no prude ... because THIS.IS.HAPPENING

Birthday present to me!

But in my measured defence ... I did wait for the sales and it should arrive just in time for my birthday - SNAP!

Weigh in time at Sunday Stash ... go on, share your stash, we're all friends here :)



  1. So pretty I am absolutely loving all the grey out there at the moment makes a nice change to the usual white. Need to take myself off to Spotlight me thinks!

  2. I couldn't have resisted It's a Hoot if I'd seen it, and it looks so good with the grey!! Somehow all the fabric fasting is making me appreciate fabrics even more. How lucky are you getting such an awesome birthday present!! I hope you don't have to wait too long until it arrives.

  3. Love that silver grey! Congrats on your new machine and happy Bday! Enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday and happy machine!!! your new napkins are beautiful; i love he shot cotton!!!

  5. Oooh, those napkins are lovely! And yay for a new machine! Congrats! :)

  6. I'm in love with those napkins!! And horaaay for the new machine, awesome :)

  7. I love the napkins. I have not seen Hoot before. Happy Birthday!!

  8. Oh yes please on those fabric choices. (Little jealous myself. :)) That's sewing machine is an awesome birthday present. Happy Birthday!

  9. Omigod check out your new machine! Woohoo - I have yet to post any pics of my new machine, it didn't come with an extension table which I now regret but am hoping to rectify that soon. Haven't seen shot cotton at spotlight, will check next time I'm there, my shot cotton supplier is a cute little quilt shop about 35 min drive from me. Napkins look lovely, look like a great idea for using scraps.

  10. Wow that new machine looks amazing! I agree with the Spotlight mixed with designer stuff, that's what I do too. The napkins are gorgeous.

  11. WOW that is a great looking birthday gift. Gotta say I am a little envious. I love this post, I am reading along and agreeing with your fabric dieting views and then WHAM you throw this machine in . Awesome.

  12. Super awesome stashing there :) Happy birthday! I agree about the fabric dieting but I joined the fast and it's already painful 7 days in....sigh



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