Tuesday, 5 May 2020

More Rainbows and A Unicorn

Carrying on with I-sew-lation sewing ... it's a 2020 thing.

Two more WIPs done and dusted to the almighty squeals of my two girls.

The curse of a quilter's child is to wait FOREVER for things to be finished ...because ... SQUIRREL!

Something new and shiny comes along that we MUST MAKE and so the hopes and dreams of small children get added to the WIP pile.

But ... eventually ... things do get finished and the small children sing with glee once again. 

Unicorn Dreams Pattern by (the very lovely) Jemima of Tied With A Ribbon

Go get yourself a copy ... because we all need more Rainbows and Unicorns right now.



  1. Another job well done lol :)

  2. I-sew-lation really is a 2020 thing, isn't it! I bet the girls love these.



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