Saturday, 18 January 2020

Cooling Blues

There's two things on my mind lately.  Much needed rain and preparing my girls for their next year at school … basically … January.

I'm reminded of a quilt I made from a range of blue fabrics called "Blue Sky" designed by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I have to say that they are not my usual "go-to" fabric designers but for the following quilt they were perfect.

This particular quilt was for a teacher, who after 19 years of service at our school, was retiring.  She taught both my girls in their first year of "big school" which is a huge transition for the kids (and lets be honest, the parents too).

This quilt design started with a mood board.  It's my favourite tool to use when dreaming up a quilt for someone.  I think about their favourite colour.  I draw influences from the environment that surrounds them.  Their generation and personality.  I made the following moodboard so you can follow my train of thought.

The schoolhouse block was a must …

Rows of stacked coins … a nod to the time I was parent helper for maths lessons.

Soft wavy quilting representing the winds of change ...

Each detail made just for her … bundled up with love.

Some care instructions ...

And plenty of hugs ...

Just as it should be.


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