Thursday, 6 October 2016

Pay It Forward - Mini Quilt

In December of 2015 I was delighted to find the cutest mini quilt you ever did see in my letterbox.  It was my Pay It Forward gift from Deborah and I'm pleased to say that the mini quilt and I are currently living happily ever after together.

So now it's my turn to start Paying It Forward before the year runs out - eep!

I'm pleased to say that I have my first run on the board ... in the form of this mini ...

The person I made it for is a friend and fellow member of the Perth MQG.  We are both massive Anna Maria Horner fans and recently went on a trip together where we met the very lovely Jen Kingwell.  We both immediately bought her Halo Quilt pattern and templates and I've been scheming this mini quilt ever since!

I just needed some free time to tackle those curves!  Spare time found ... I got cracking with fabric choice ... well, it had to be AMH ... but which ones?

I couldn't decide ... so I used a bit of everything!

Then, how to quilt it?  Jen suggests hand quilting this pattern in her book ... so I went with that!  I mean ... who am I to argue?

I used a variegated 12wt Aurfil thread, colour #3817 for the hand quilting ... and hand quilted the rings in nice big chunky stitches.

I was pretty happy to line up the centre detail of the backing fabric with the centre ring on the front!

Then it was bound ...

Tagged ...

Wrapped ...

and finally gifted ...

I'm pleased to say that this mini is now happily living in it's new home ... until I sneak in one day and steal it back (shh).



  1. That's gorgeous - such a mixture of pretty fabrics!

  2. Lovely mini quilt; it sounds like it was made with much care for the intended recipient. :)

  3. Wow - this will be very much treasured by it's recipient. I love how all AMH fabrics just work together.

  4. Lucky recipient!! It's scrappydeluscious!

  5. Nice and colourful, I love it :)

  6. Very pretty! And it's a lovely mix of AMH fabrics, all playing well together!

  7. A little bit of everything works perfectly!

  8. This is certainly a very sweet mini. Must have been hard to let it go!



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