Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rainbow Half Hexie Quilt

You'll be forgiven for thinking that this quilt belongs to the "little people' of our house ... but no ... this mass of scrappy, rainbow goodness is for my dear husband.

This quilt was "officially" finished in June 2015 ... but I haven't had a chance to photograph it properly because it was put to use before I could even finish stitching the binding down.

As we "start the way we mean to finish" in this house ... the quilt has been used and enjoyed ever since.  No time for photoshoots when you are a well loved quilt!  So this weekend when we took him (rainbows can be boys) for a play at the beach, I took the opportunity to get a few (ahem ... windy) snaps.

OK, lets try photographing with the wind behind us...

I used denim for the backing and binding
Which makes for a heavy quilt ... but the wind picked it up like a feather

Diamond straight line quilting pattern inspected by Mr. Seagull
That's a wrap folks ... its too windy!

Despite the wind ... it is Autumn here after-all ... we enjoyed our afternoon at the beach.

Quilt Info:
#hubbyshalfhexie on IG (for progress shots)
510 half hexies sewn together to make this quilt (17 across x 30 rows)
I made my own template to fit 2.5" wide jellyroll cuts
Fabric is a combination of scraps with Cotton Couture solids from a jelly roll

Photo shoot location:
Port Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia

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  1. It's wonderful and I'm so happy to see the finished quilt!

  2. I remember you working on this - great to see it out and about!

  3. Wow, a beautiful quilt in a magnificent setting! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. What a happy post!! I love that the quilt has been in use since before finishing - isn't that the way is should be? But also great to finally have it's own photo shoot - the beach, aswell as the quilt, looks gorgeous!

  5. It's a beautiful quilt, even more so because it's so well loved.

  6. I love hexi's and your rainbow one is fabulous!! I enjoyed your beach pictures!!

  7. I love that your husband was napping under it before it was even finished! <3 I like the idea of having very light weight quilts and heavier quilts; my husband and I sleep under 3 and I have toyed with the idea of making a weighted quilt for us. I'll have to file the denim backing as an idea, then.

  8. Beautiful quilt, but mostly I love that last photo of the children at sunset... I would frame that to hang in my house if I were you!

  9. Love the quilt, the colours are great, it's perfect. Fantastic pics too, lovely setting and you all look as though you are having a great day. Love it.

  10. Such a fun quilt! and I just love your wonderful photos!

  11. This quilt is beautiful, love it!

  12. I always give that test run too :) Lovely quilt and pics as well!

  13. I got such a thrill seeing this at the quilt show. How good of hubby to send it out on loan to be admired.
    How did you determine that was Mr Seagull not Ms Seagull? They all look the same to me! At least the weather looks better than today's. I guess hubby will be rugged up under his lovely quilt in this chill.

  14. Your quilt is soooo beautiful!

  15. Ah don't we all go through the travails of trying to photograph our creations!
    Amazing craftsmanship ~
    Popped by from Finish it up Friday.



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