Wednesday, 23 March 2016

WIP - Having a whale (or wail) of a time

Recently I was able to use my quilting woes as an English lesson for my oldest daughter:

Homophone: Words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.

Take "Whale" and "Wail"  ... I had a wail because my improv whale was not working the way I wanted it too (OK, not the perfect sentence, but it did the trick).

My oldest daughter thought this was quite funny ... My youngest daughter just looked at me funny ... and ... My Fine English Fellow, aka Hubby, just gave me a wide berth (wise man).

Almost, but not quite ...

Humpf ... my plan for all this improv lettering was to have a large improv whale underneath ...

When your ideas surpass your skills

I was so proud of myself for piecing all of the lettering together - ta da!

Lettering created using Sarah Fielke's improv Wordplay method

But now it lies in a big heap of unpicked dreams ... Time to think up a plan "B"


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  1. I need to look for the meaning of wail before I could understand what you mean with the whalte-wail. Funny post and compliments for the paper pieced text!!
    Love from AQmsterdam

  2. Hi Serena! Oh, this looks fantastic! I always love letters and your improvised are super good! Beautiful colours, too. x teje

  3. You did an amazing job of the improv lettering, Serena. Sorry to hear that your whale was not behaving. Perhaps he just needs another go around?

  4. Your letters are fantastic! Word quilts seem to be pretty popular lately and of course, I've been wanting to do it too! I hear you on the 'wail' part...sometimes it doesn't work out, but try again!

  5. The lettering is so fantastic, Serena. I hope plan B finds you soon. :)

  6. Sorry I had to smile reading this, I love the way you tell a story! Hopefully you'll get that whale in the end!

  7. I love your words and am going to check out Sarah's class right away!!! Good luck with the whale and no more wailing!!!!

  8. I like how you tell a tale about a failed tail. I hope you are able to whip that bad boy into shape here soon...and hopefully without further frustration! :)

  9. Oh no! Looking forward to seeing how you solved your dilemma!

  10. Less improv, more giant whale applique?
    The wording looks great!



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