Wednesday, 25 November 2015

La Passacaglia Quilt ala Forest Gump

Sooooo ... I jumped on the La Passacaglia band wagon ... eyes closed and maybe screaming for my Mum.

The main things that tipped me over the edge was the need for a TV hand sewing project and the fact that I'd just done a lot of sewing on my machine for my daughter's School Fete (which went awesome by the way).

I love my machine (like a lot) but we needed some time apart ... so, yer, here I am, sewing a LP!

Now lets not kid ourselves, this "quilt" could just end up the size of a perfectly formed cushion, however, I'm pleased to say that I have at least surpassed the "this is sooo going to be a pin cushion" stage.  Yay me!

I do still have to attached the stars to my first cog though, so let's hope this project is not left languishing between the pin cushion and cushion stage ... that could happen.

I've decided to use my AMH fabrics for this project, hoping that these beauties will spur me on when times get tough.  I won't want to waste them ... that's the theory ... and so I will keep chugging along.

The only diversion I've made from her fabrics is that I'm using black and white solids for all the stars ... which is not helping my arachnophobia by the way ... they look a little like hairy spiders to me!

You never really see much (if any) black and white in AMH fabrics, mostly just gorgeous saturated colours, so I'm hoping that this works.

But, choosing black for the smallest pieces of the pattern ... to work on at night ... may not have been my brightest moment (stupid is as stupid does).

I think I'll have to invest in one of those lights that you wear on your head for cave exploring ...

...except I'm just sewing and ... no doubt ... I'm going to get looks of "You're a complete dork, who have I married?" from my husband.  Ha!

Attractiveness comes in all forms people!


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  1. I got the book in the post and am so sooo tempted. I like the idea of a hand sewing project over the Christmas while binge watching tv! I love your idea of using all AMH fabrics! I'm hoping to do a halloween fabric version of an epp project. I had to laugh at your description of the pieces as spiders!

  2. Yay! You have made great progress already!
    I used to do a lot of speleology (cave exploring) with my dad, and we had those headlamp torches. They really were referred to as dork torches, but they are handy. At least they stink less than carbide.
    Would the stars seem less scary if you think of them as starfish instead of spiders?

  3. It looks wonderful, Serena, and I think the black and white are going to offset those bold and bright colors so perfectly. I am totally one to wear a head lamp to do work around the house at night, but then again, so is my husband. :)

  4. Your AMH fabrics will all look fabulous with black & white stars. Nothing sets off colors like the pure simplicity of black & white. Good luck with your progress.

  5. Well done Serena. See! it's not that hard after all. At least you have realistic expectations, and are prepared to stop at less than a quilt if you decided it's not for you. I love your contrast in your first rosette. That's what makes these quilts special I think. I'm sure it will be lovely.

  6. I love the contrast between white, black and bright AMH colors. Good luck with late night sewing!

  7. Glad to see you have not given up yet. You are well past the pin cushion stage. And I think the new light I seen on your IG feed is a great idea. This is looking so GOOD!

  8. It's going to be gorgeous! (Well, actually, it already is!)

  9. Such a lovely quilt! Amazing fussy cutting! I’d recommend TheDIYAddict’s tutorial if individuals need additional assistance.



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