Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Farmer's Mistress

Ever heard of the Farmer's Mistress?

He was going to make an honest women out her and make her his Wife.

She was all things shiny and new ... and the Farmer could not take his hands off her.

But then, as with all new and shiny things ... she started to lose her appeal.  Got annoying in fact.  I have to cut how many pieces just to satisfy a 6" block?

ALL the pieces

Pffft ... time to flick this broad to the curb (rude!)

and fuss-pot cutting

She's still young and attractive ... if he got rid of her now then they would both have a chance of finding true love again ... (gosh this Farmer is so selfish!)

They made 24 six inch blocks together, all with their bare hands.  That's something they should be proud of, something to hold onto and remember, something to learn from ...

It wasn't all the hard graft of the hand sewing that soured the relationship.  Once prepared, each 6" block came together so quickly and the joy ... oh the joy .... of finishing each 6" block was real, but marred by the fact that all that wooing and preparation had to start all over again for 6 measly inches.

No, not this Farmer ... he just didn't have the stamina *cough*


WIP Wednesday


  1. Tee hee. I spent literally every part of cutting and piecing my Tula Pink City Sampler cursing. Turned out gorgeous, but that's a no to samplers for at least a decade.

  2. I am just getting over a long term relationship with Miss Moda Modern Building Blocks. Happy just to fool around with some improve piecing for now.

  3. I am just getting over a long term relationship with Miss Moda Modern Building Blocks. Happy just to fool around with some improve piecing for now.

  4. Probably for the best. Most likely, it would have ended in a messy divorce and custody battle otherwise. :)

  5. Hahaha! You should definitely be proud of yourself for making that many blocks :-) And the grey background is fantastic - makes the colours shine!

  6. Haha - 6 inch blocks with lots of fussy seams would probably turn me into a grumpy old farmer, too. ;)

  7. The Farmer's Mistress is gorgeous! You did an awesome job piecing it (and cutting those eleventy billion pieces!), and the grey really makes the blocks pop. I loved the post too ;)

  8. Great job! Like the gray background.

  9. Wow! what an effort, sure looks great though, love it! :)

  10. I just started the La Passacaglia quilt... I'm sure this is how I'll feel in a few months :)

  11. I love it!!
    I'm so far behind the game - I'm just now cutting out the templates from the FIRST book. Each stinkin' tiny piece (not fabric, mind you - just the templates...) I cut, I wonder, what am I thinking?! do I REALLY want to make this quilt?? I may end up with a mistress, too. Or maybe even a one night stand... ;-)
    Your Farmer's Mistress is really quite lovely!

  12. Better to have loved and lost..... Fabulous quilt!

  13. Glad to see not all was lost for the Mistress. Great quilt.

  14. Love what you did here! Looks like you and I are tied with this one now :) But I am cheating and moved along to the newer 1930's model ....

  15. I see the farmer and commitment are virtual strangers...



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