Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Purple Thing

Remember that delicious (read lots of sarcasm into that descriptive word) Sofia Fabric our nearly 4 year old found at the fabric shop? How can you forget?

Well, true to my word and because I was nagged a lot, I made something with that fabric.

Bag in training ...

I'm happy to report that my machine didn't blow up nor did the world end (as I had predicted) but I did get a very happy, now, 4 year old out of the process.

She's always wanted a bag just like her big sister's ... "but not Kitty mum".  I didn't make the hello kitty bag that her sister owns, that was a gift from her Aunty.

I haven't been able to find a Sofia one "just the same Mum, but with Sofia" ... so I set to making one when we stumbled upon this fabric ... ahem.

I kind of followed my nose and this tutorial to make the bag ... I haven't made many bags, so this 3D world was a bit of a challenge, especially if you want it fully lined like I did.  Of course I blamed all of the unpicking on the fabric and not my lack of bag making skills ... would you expect anything less?

But with a mild dose of patience and a large dose of champagne, I got there in the end.

Her smile when it was finished ... was everything.


PS here are some pics from our shiny new 4 years old's birthday ... in case you missed it on IG :)

Princess Sofia Cake (of course)

Obligatory family pic :)

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  1. What a perfect bag! Doesn't look like you're short on bag making experience at all. And great cake too, my girls would love both. And in fact I have some Disney Princess fabric in a very similar style that my then 6 year old spotted on a shopping trip once and nagged me to buy, she's now 8 going on 9, and I still haven't been able to bring myself to sew anything with it. She's tried to persuade me to make either a cushion or a skirt from it but I just couldn't do it - a bag on the other hand seems bearable, particularly after seeing how well yours turned out. I'll be suggesting it to her, thanks!

  2. I think you did a fantastic job, and I can only imagine the delight that Miss Sofia felt when she got her special bag that you made just for her. Did you use up all the fabric? ;)

  3. I can see why she is thrilled. It is perfect for her.

  4. Of course the unpicking was due to the fabric :) All worth it, I'm sure, for that smile at the end.

  5. I bet she thinks you are the Best Mum Ever! Perhaps all the purple pain was worth it.

  6. What a lovely girls you have! I must remember to stick some lolipos into our cake next time around :) Nice bag btw :) Well done!

  7. Just gorgeous Serena - the bag, the cake, your lovely family. Fortunately I don't have that problem of girls with big ideas, but you look like you're up to the task. Well done on the bag, and the party.

  8. It turned out awesome! All that sarcasm for nothing, but everything was totally the fabrics fault :)

  9. Ah that is so cute - my yougest godchild is princess sofia the 1st mad too and wants her new room decorated in pink and purple! Very cool cake - looks like a great birthday!



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