Monday, 18 May 2015

Minis On My Mind

May seems to be the month of Minis for me.

I'm in two swaps on Instagram.  The first featuring Anna Maria Horner fabric (like I could resist that!)

My partner is not a fan of anything too bright, she prefers more muted colours (fluro is not her friend) so I started with this hexie/half-hexie configuration ...

It was starting to look more dull than muted to me so I've decide to add a bit more colour to help this mini bloom.

Here's hoping I'm on the right track!

The second Instagram swap I'm in is all about Lizzy House fabrics, fun right?!

I flipped/flopped with a few ideas for this swap and just couldn't settle on a design.  Then I spied that my partner is getting hitched soon so I thought it might be fun to do a double wedding ring mini (disclaimer: of some sort lol).

Turns out Lizzy House fabrics are really fun to fussy cut and I think the added selvedges are a nice touch for a mini focusing on a single fabric designer ... even if I do say so myself :)

I'm hoping to have these minis ready to quilt soon so that I can quilt them at the same time as Hubby's half hexie flimsy ... I don't like having to change feet on my machine ... lazy bones.

May has also brought with it many other M's ...

We've ... Moved house

Sewing room (lol)

We held a My Little Pony birthday party for Miss 5 ... two days after we moved (madness)

I made 26 of these pool noodle ponies for the birthday party - such fun!

We had a magical Mother's Day

We took some silly selfies as Daddy is away visiting his mum (aka Nanny London) in the Mother Country

and we've been helping Master Monty settle into our new home ...

He seems to be coping just fine ...

My goodness it's been a momentous month so far!  I might just join Master Monty next time he flops on the couch.



  1. You have had a very busy May, Serena! I am so happy for you that the move went well and you are settled in enough to be back to sewing. The minis look great, and it has been fun to watch how much fussy cutting of the Lizzy House fabric is happening in that swap. :)

  2. Love your Lizzy House mini - does this mean you are getting your own sewing room - pics please - would love to see that! Monty looks very comfy- don't think he'll let you on the sofa!

  3. loving the look of the Lizzy House mini, I like the added selvedges - nice touch!

  4. You certainly have the minis and all of the other m's all sewn up!!! Brava!!!

  5. love the look of both these minis. I can't quite believe that someone who prefers muted colours would join an AMH swap - but there you go! You are doing a wonderful job of making something for her taste.

  6. Monty looks stressed after the May madness.
    I also have been known to order my sewing avoid swapping feet/thread colours. Why is that? It isn't that hard?

  7. I love both the minis! Happy new home!

  8. What a pretty projects and great pics! Well done!



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