Friday, 6 March 2015

Sew Together Bag

I may be a little late to the party, but that's cool right?  Oh and did I mention that I brought my maternity pants with me?   What? 

I really should be calling this my Bum Bag as that's the part of the maternity pants I used to make this little AMH vs Maternity Pants Sew Together (with friends) Bag. <---- Did you see what I did there?  

Have any of you made this bag by yourself or did you nut it out with lashings of wine and friends?

I chose to use the zipper tab ends option

My bag had a good dose of both ... and I love it.  I love it so much I want to make another one stat!

I started with cutting the bum out of my pants so that I could have a built-in pocket on the outside of my bag.  

Perfect spot for my Merchant Mills Baby Bow scissors

Quilted some hexies in place and that was my outer fabric all sorted.

AMH - True Colours

The insides took a bit of planning with friends.  Carla and Jo were over for morning tea, so I bounced some AMH fabric combos off them and came up with this ...

Carla was already ahead of me in her bag planning stage, in fact she had already tackled all of the zips into submission ... Jo looked at us both like we were crazy ladies (I'm not saying she is wrong) but I have it on good authority that she might be joining us ... in the bag making that is, not the crazy lady bit.

I joined Carla at her house for the zip bit ... strength in numbers and all that.  

I decided it was time to go home when this happened - oops! - I had top stitched my zips in a fancy-smancy-12wt-Aurifil-rainbow-thread. 

Looks awesome but it was stitched in that tight that it took about an hour to unpick ... Not. Happy. Jan! (non-Aussies will have to click here and here to understand the "Jan!" reference).

I ended up finishing the rest of the Bum Bag (see, it's stuck with that name now) on Retreat with the Perth Modern Quilt Guild.  Such a lovely bunch of ladies and a wealth of sewing knowledge to answer all my questions on construction ... and a lovely spot to sew I might add.

Hand Sewing the binding down
All finished!!

So that's 4 projects made from these pants now!  

Here's how they are looking ...


Rear (lol)

... yup I reckon I could squeeze another Bum Bag out of them!

Maybe this time I'll pair them up with some Liberty ...

Bum Bag
Pattern:  Sew Together Bag
Tip: Make sure you check out the Quilt Barn for extra explanatory notes and pictures
Fabric: Anna Maria Horner - True Colours and my old Linen Maternity Pants
Zips: Purchased from Spotlight Australia

Thanks for stopping by!

Serena xx

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  1. You had me going at the beginning of the post. :) I love the thought and detail in putting the pocket on the outside!

  2. You're terrible Muriel.

    (another Aussie saying that is still frequently used here, and understood by many). Where to begin? Well, I enjoyed the Jan advert. I hadn't seen that before or heard it used, but one of my cousins called Jan joined the drift to Australia many years ago, and now lives in Melbourne. I could imagine it applying to her!

    As for those pants. They just keep on giving don't they.

    I'm glad the WA section of Possum Magic are hanging out together and having fun. The Wellington branch had coffee this week in a very nice outdoor courtyard of a cafe, followed by a browse at a textiles bookshop.

    So sew together bag is just lovely. I haven't felt the need to make one yet, but it's probably like low volume and will get me eventually.

  3. So wish I could join you three, that would be a blast! Love your bum bag it came out super cute and the pocket is a nice touch. Those pants have served there purpose in more ways than one!

  4. That's good the pocket worked out! Did you have to stitch across it or did you leave it as the full pocket?

    By the time you make another one, and when Carla finishes the dozen she's got on the go (maybe a slight exaggeration) you should both be seasoned pros to hold my hand through it lol! Once I pick my fabrics anyway...

  5. Looks great! It looked great with all your sewing supplies already stored in it. And, yes, I can see yet another bum bag or other project from those maternity pants!
    I'm not saying Joanna is wrong about the crazy ladies part, either. (But, I only have three on the go, Joanna! :))

  6. Looks great and so fun to use an old pant!!!!

  7. Pretty bag and I love the built in pocket; looks handy and you are making good use of it!! Looks like you have 1 or 2 more projects left in those pants yet. I think liberty is a great idea for your next sew together bag. I haven't made this but it looks like it would take a little while to make!!!

  8. Such a beautiful bag and I love that you're using your maternity pants!! :-)

  9. This is really fun! I love how the hexies look, and what a great idea to incorporate the pants pocket.

  10. That looks great. Amazing how far you can make one trousers go! I love the little pocket for the scissors and the beautiful colours inside!

  11. Absolutely amazing! I need to make one of these for me sometime. I love how colorful yours is.

  12. What a colorful combo and fun name! When I see this bag I always feel like I want to make one too but than I don't know what I would use it for :)

  13. Oh.. i thought there might be news I'd missed when you said maternity pants!!! Looking good!

  14. What a great post! Love this bag so much! I haven't made one before, but I made the bionic gear bag. I was pleased with it, but feel I like the smaller Sew Together Bag much better! Love the hexies!

  15. I love your bag - lovely to see those maternity trousers again!

  16. What a great idea!! To put that pocket on the outside. I love these bags, have made 3 of them, and still need one for myself. lol

  17. Hahaha! Love the bag, bum and all. And reading this post was a blast! Sounds like you had a great time, except for that little unhappy moment. Love the hexis and matching AMH inside pockets. I just got some new zippers and haven't decided what to do with them yet. But I think I have found my inspiration here!!!

  18. Absolutely brilliant, using the pocket for the outside. The name stays! Your bag is gorgeous, and I love the fabrics you chose. I hope you make another!

  19. Great bag love all the fabrics you used!

  20. Lovely sew together bag! I love your hexies and such a great idea for the pocket. Thanks for sharing.

  21. What a lovely idea to sew your sew together bag together with other sewers! ha, see what I did there? It looks fantastic. Love that bag. Those pants definitely have another project in them. Something that you can use the lovely drawstring part in the project.

  22. LOL! Bum bag! I need one of those, but I really need my maternity pants right about now, too! (only about 6-8 weeks to go before our little boy joins us on the outside). Your bag is absolutely lovely!! I really need to try a Sew Together Bag one of these days. Maybe after baby, I'll choose a select pair of maternity pants to butcher... er, repurpose! <3 Thank you for the inspiration!

  23. I sew enjoyed your Burn Bag information. I've been looking at quite a few posts about this bag and finally decided I'm going to order it today. Thanks.



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