Monday, 25 August 2014

Birthday Bins

I'm in the midst of a busy few months of birthdays ... yes months ... so making little gifts has been taking up the majority of my sewing time.  That's quite OK though  ... gift making is what we quilters like to do, right?

It's also given me a chance to dive back into my newly acquired Liberty stash ... I must use it and not just look at it - that's what I keep telling myself!

I bought this lovely platter and decided to make some little fabric bins to go with them.

Three little Liberty Bins to put whatever in ...

The pattern I used called for the same fabric to be used on the bottom of the bins as the outside ... but there was no way I was putting Liberty where it couldn't be seen (read: No-one puts Baby in a corner!).

So I used the same denim fabric for the bottom as I had for the lining.  It gave the bins some extra sturdiness and durability too!

I'll put the pattern details at the bottom of this post, but can I just say that it's fantastic and, even better, it's free!  The fabric bins come in 3 different sizes and are designed to nest.  I chose to use the smallest of the sizes so that I could fit three on this platter.

I can see more of these versatile fabric bins in my gift giving future ... might even make one for myself ... I could always use a pretty thread catcher.

Pattern used: Matryoshka Bins by Straightgrain.  I used the smallest size bin.  There are 3 sizes available.
Main fabric: Liberty!!!
Lining Fabric: Denim-look Ikea Fabric (it's sold as a tablecloth)

Serena xx

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  1. Very cute, they look lovely on the tray. I keep thinking I should make something like this for scraps, I need to separate out my solids from prints at this stage. Are you gathering them yet or using them all up in mini's?

  2. Haha, no one puts Baby in the corner indeed! :) What a beautiful gift! The denim 'tablecloth' fabric compliments the Liberty perfectly!

  3. these are just the cutest - and couldn't agree more about not putting Liberty where it can't be seen!

  4. The platter is lovely, and those fabrics coordinate with it so well! I think putting the denim on the bottom was great not just from a "viewing" perspective but from a durability perspective, too.

  5. Such a fun way to include some handmade with the birthday gift! Fabric bins are fun to make and fun to look at; yours are beautiful and will brighten any space!!!!

  6. well, good luck with all the gift making :) these are looking cute.

  7. "No one puts Baby in a corner" hahahahah
    These are really cute Serena!

  8. Too right! No Liberty on the bottom!
    I got very close to taking the scissors to some of my Liberty today, but I chickened out.

  9. What a great idea. I never would have looked at that platter and thought, "What this needs is some fabric bins!" Well done.

  10. Goodness! Those are such cute bins! Love those Liberty prints paired with the denim fabric, Serena!



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