Monday, 11 November 2013

Sunday Stash

Sunday, Monday, Shmunday ... what's in a day?  Well as it turns out, quite a lot!

Being on bed rest recently, I had a smidgen of time to plan, scheme and imagine ...

How I'd like to finish off MiL's quilt ..

Cushions I'd like to make ...

Summer dresses/tops/shorts to sew for my girls (lots of inspiration pinned to my Pinterest boards)

Farmer's Wife blocks to colour co-ordinate ...

Christmas Tree decorations to make ...

Wide-eyed-wonder at how a few buttons, white felt and some ribbon will make Christmas decorations - Just keep those crackers away from the white felt!!!

That should keep me busy for a while!  Well, until I check out what everyone else is stashing at Finding Fifth!



  1. Oh, the fabric for your farmer's wife blocks is GORGEOUS. I love it! Just looking at that stack makes me want to make something. Very inspirational set of colours.

  2. That stack of fabric for your Farmer's Wife quilt is so lovely - very fresh and spring-like. And I kind of love that huge red floral up at the MIL quilt - not my usual kind of print, but that's pretty awesome.

  3. Isn't it great to just make piles of fabric and plan what you will make. That's probably my favourite bit of sewing. I love that deer fabric and your FW fabrics are dreamy!

  4. fun plans!! and lots of them :)



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