Wednesday, 17 July 2013

WIP - Feeling Frayed

Another block almost completed for my MIL’s quilt.  It’s a block that I found on Don’t Call Me Betsy website 

My MIL loves to read.  She’s that quick at reading that she’s finished the book before she opens it – that could happen (erm …)

Getting there ... a knitting picture block is next

I’ve used selvage for the book titles and still need to sew around them as they’ve only been ironed on so far using sewable Heatbond.

I didn’t do the leaning book as I couldn’t be bothered … ok … I couldn’t work it out. 

I’m going to embroider something profound below the bookshelf like “Reading is for the mind, what exercise is for the body” …  “The sky is blue” … “We need oxygen to breathe on planet Earth” … ok …  I don’t have anything profound to say …

… Except that I’m feeling a little frayed today.  You see, I’ve just started cutting into my big batch of black and white Homespun fabric from Spotlight and the white Homespun is fraying, fraying, fraying! 

Seriously, if it was a middle aged man it would be buying up big on hair loss treatment.

I usually cut all my fabric before I start sewing all the blocks together, but I’m having to change my process for this one and cut, sew, cut, sew as the poor white Homepsun is falling to pieces.  

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve got a dodgy run of fabric – ho-hum.

So I’ve got a few of the stripy blocks sewn and have put together one whole block.  I was VERY pleased to see how the points matched … phew!  

It’s my first time using the Strip Tube Ruler, so I’m pleased to report that we are getting on just fine.

Oh and I finished the ‘XO’ quilt … it’s happily in it's new home.

Quilted and bound in 2 days flat - new record for me - so it's official, I'm a fan of the QAYG technique!

As per usual, I was so eager to give this quilt to it's new owner that I didn't take any proper photos first!  So these iphone shots will have to do.

Hope you're all having a productive WIP Wednesday?  See you over at Freshly Pieced!



  1. I am very bad at picking phrases, good luck with that! Its really a nice piece,.. I wonder why some fabrics fray so easily, it can be a headache, especially white. Your x's & o's is just beautiful..

  2. You can piece! I love the black and white blocs and such a cute quilt!

  3. OOh you have been busy! I love the book block - but yeah I'm not profound either. I'd probably just rely on some googlefu to find something ;)

    Bugger about the fraying Spotlight fabric! How annoying!! Hope you didn't buy too much of it and get a better lot next go round!

  4. I have white homespun from Spotlight that is doing the same thing, it's also very thin which I didn't realise in the shop as it's folded over. So maybe it is a bad batch!

  5. I was distracted by the cute duck pillow.:) XO quilt is so pretty!

  6. I love all your projects. The XO quilt is gorgeous, such pretty fabrics!

  7. Extremely pretty XO quilt LOVE those repro fabrics!

    Hope the black and white blocks stop fraying since they are looking fabulous once all pieced!

  8. I have a bookshelf quilt on my to-do one day list and I didn't think of using selvages for the book titles I will start saving a few! Thanks. All your works are gorgeous!

  9. beautiful little XO quilt, I really love the black and white block, that is just gorgeous! It fits together so perfectly, well done.

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, my post is here if you have time to stop by :)

  10. I love your book block, I think I'd love it as a cushion. My mum goes through books the same way and then drives me mad with "Have i read this one?" And i had a batch of Kona snow that frayed like crazy - very tormenting! It'll be worth it in the end - your blocks look great.

  11. The book block is brilliant and I love your honesty! The baby quilt is super cute and I think the black and white block looks really cool! I hate fraying fabric, yucky!

  12. I love everything in this post except the fraying fabric!!



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